Historic England is objecting to the Local Plan because it is concerned that heritage impacts have not been sufficiently considered when setting the local plan policy. How do you respond to this criticism?

Historic England is a statutory consultee to the draft Local Plan, so quite rightly it has a responsibility to raise its concerns and to ask questions of the Council to ensure that heritage policy in the Local Plan is robust. This will give the Council and Historic England the policy tools they need to make sure developers with planning proposals in the Central Bedfordshire area properly mitigate the impact of their schemes.

At the moment, the debate is still at quite a theoretical level. O&H is keen to discuss Historic England’s concerns at a much more detailed level and to answer its questions about the Local Plan, providing them with all the excellent archaeological and heritage data, surveys and context which is now available for the sites in question. O&H continue to have very helpful discussions with Central Bedfordshire Council and hope that Historic England will agree to a meeting soon.

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