How can we be sure that the scheme will be managed as O&H says it will be, and that O&H won’t sell off the land to housebuilders who will develop it in a piecemeal manner?

O&H takes a responsible, long-term approach to its developments. At the Hamptons in Peterborough, O&H has realised its masterplan over 20 years, and has delivered 5,200 homes and hundreds of jobs.

O&H is not a housebuilder. O&H adopts a ‘master developer’ role. This means that it doesn’t build homes itself but puts in all the engineered and community infrastructure to enable a high-quality development. It takes a long-term approach to delivering value by building new communities which remain fantastic places to live, long into the future. It creates Design Codes and Site Briefs that are endorsed by local people and the local authority so that homes built by housebuilders are designed in accordance with the original vision.


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