How will the development at Marston Valley compare to the Hamptons?

We have referenced another significant O&H scheme, the Hamptons in Peterborough, on this website and in our exhibition material because there are many positive elements of our 20+ year involvement in Peterborough which we would like to put in place at Marston Valley. This includes having a presence on site throughout the construction phase and beyond, prioritising community infrastructure at an early stage, and taking a long-term approach to management of the substantial open spaces.

However, there are many ways in which Marston Valley will differ from the Hamptons. For example, homes will be of a different style and density and there will be more off-street car parking for residents. Furthermore at Marston Valley, green spaces will be used to create a buffer between villages, whereas at the Hamptons the green spaces are on the edge of the development to a greater extent.


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