What about the new Covanta development nearby?

There are already various areas of construction work underway within the Marston Vale, including the building of a new ‘Energy from Waste’ at Rookery Pit South, near Stewartby. This is being built now, and is likely to become operational in 2021.

This development is unrelated to these emerging plans for Marston Valley, and is outside the Marston Valley proposed site. But if you want to find out more about this project, please visit the Rookery South website. It also has a FAQs section which may help to answer any queries you have, or contact the Covanta and Veolia team which is building this facility.

Another separate development is being proposed by Millbrook Power Ltd, a subsidiary business of Drax Group, and involves plans to build a gas-fired power station at Rookery South Pit. This is still going through the planning process, and you can find out more on the Millbrook Power website.


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