Community engagement - now and in the future

O&H is committed to long-term engagement with the local community

Over the last few years O&H has researched local priorities and concerns, and this has informed our current proposals for Marston Valley.

O&H has worked across the Marston Vale for many years and we have always sought to engage with local Parish Councils in bringing forward other schemes such as Stewartby Park and Marston Park. We have invested in building relationships with local stakeholders including the Forest of Marston Vale Trust, the B&MK Waterway Trust, and the Local Nature Partnership.

We want to strengthen these relationships in bringing forward Marston Valley.

Our current process of engagement

We are currently entering a new period of engagement on the Marston Valley proposals. We welcome your views on the scheme and how it can best deliver the new homes and infrastructure that are needed.

We have undertaken some initial research into local village plans and green infrastructure plans. This has helped develop an initial community infrastructure package, to include measures such as enhanced pedestrian and cycle connections across the Vale and opening up access to the lakes, and providing improvements to the C94, as well as new community halls and other local facilities.

Take part in the discussions

As part of ongoing work on the planning application for Marston Valley we want to better understand your priorities to refine this community infrastructure package and ensure that the proposals respond to local needs as best as possible.

We want to understand your main concerns about the local area, key facilities you think need improvement and what the new areas might be named.

We want you to get involved

As part of our long-term commitment to the future new community in Marston Valley, we are starting to think about the future governance strategy for the development. Informed by our experience in the Hamptons, Peterborough, this is likely to include the following measures:

  • Putting in place strong governance arrangements including a Marston Valley Management Company and Marston Valley Community Trust for the blue and green infrastructure network and community facilities to ensure it is managed and maintained in the long term;
  • Working with the local community to help them set up new local organisations and initiatives such as residents associations, so that they have ownership over their local area;
  • Setting up the ‘Marston Valley Voices’ – a panel of local representatives who will help guide the design of the development over its 20 year delivery, to include local businesses, residents etc;
  • Establishing an on-site O&H presence and hiring a community liaison worker to form relationships with local residents and ensure that there is a direct line of communication throughout the delivery of the scheme;
  • Working with local sports and social clubs, ensuring that either new facilities or contributions towards improving existing ones are provided where required.

We want to hear from clubs, individuals and other stakeholders that are interested in playing a role in the future of Marston Valley.

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