Exploring the real potential of the Marston Vale


The current proposals for Marston Valley have evolved following discussions with Central Bedfordshire Council and local stakeholders and are currently working their way through the planning process. Please visit our page on the Planning Process for more information.

Explore the Marston Valley scheme using the interactive map below and read about the key features of this proposal. All village names are provisional at this stage.

The vision

The inspiration for Marston Valley comes from lessons learnt from the Garden City movement: creating places that people are proud to live in and would be of such architectural merit that they could become future conservation areas.

These sound design principles are blended with the demands of contemporary living – our aspirations to be part of a thriving and connected community, to better balance home, work and leisure time, to travel more efficiently and to access high-quality services.

The vision for Marston Valley also plans for our growing societal challenges – the rising cost of energy, how we look after the older generations, more working from home, improving health and wellbeing, more flexible types of housing tenure and the way in which our communities are diversifying.

Marston Valley will be a unique place. Its ethos is borne out of an appreciation for the existing natural features within the Marston Vale. The aim is to create an exceptional living environment where people will be proud to live and work, and will want to visit.

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